A month ago Dr. Lisa is as good as it gets! She is very attentive and makes sure all of your symptoms are addressed. She treats your body as a whole rather than just treating the individual problem areas. My whole family sees her, she’s MAGIC!!

Emma K. Berkeley, CA

Started seeing Dr. Lisa a few years ago. I was taken by her more analytical approach to chiropractic, a more intuitive, “feeling the body’s energy” type of approach. Some of her adjustments have been more gentle than others I’ve experienced, yet achieving the same, comforting results. She’s also accommodating if my schedule changes, with adequate results. I’d recommend her!! 🙂

Michael K. Oakland, CA

Lisa Koenig is miraculous! She is a true healer. There aren’t enough positive adjectives to give her as she has saved me from acute pain and serious disease. Expect your life to change for the positive after seeing Lisa Koenig!

Susan H. Walnut Creek, CA

I recommend Lisa to anyone I know who is in pain. No matter how many doctor you’ve seen, if you’re still suffering, you need to see her. She efficiently discovers the root of your pain, and fixes you. I found her 20 years after breaking my back in a car accident. I used to have to wear a tens unit any time I flew in an airplane. Now I don’t even know where the unit is. And I am wearing high heels – something my pre-Lisa body could never do.

Denise G. Oakland, CA

Lisa is the best chiropractor I have visited, and I have visited many. She has been able to help me with many physical ailments and has always been able to improve my condition. I couldn’t ask for a better chiropractor.

Justin K. Oakland, CA

I’ve been seeing Lisa for years and she has consistently done an excellent job of keeping my body in alignment. I’ve seen her for a shoulder that’s been out of whack and for a lower back issue, and she’s helped both relieve the pain and give me exercises to strengthen the muscle groups. I highly recommend her!

Linda Y. Oakland, CA

I never went to a chiropractor before having severe back issues during pregnancy. I was referred to Lisa and have been going to her for the last 5 years. She is kind and thoughtful, she meets the patients at their point of need and never pushes you beyond your comfort zone. I highly recommend Kinetic Chiropractic!

Lauren H.

Lisa has been helping my whole family for years. She has helped us deal with anxiety, food allergies, parasites, tailbone injuries and whiplash. And in between all the drama she promotes our over all wellness. She is a gifted adjuster and her knowledge of applied kinesiology really adds an incredible extra tool to her ability to diagnose and manage care effectively. There is a touch of the magical to Lisa’s work and I am grateful to have her on our health team!

Sirena M. Craniosacral Therapist Oakland, CA

My kids and I have been coming to Dr. Lisa for over ten years and she’s fantastic to work with. She has really helped us in terms of determining what is going on with stomach pains and other issues that my son has had over the years, as well as making more traditional chiropractic adjustments along the way. Highly recommended!

Melinda E. Piedmont, CA

I have been seeing Lisa for 5 months now off and on when i end up hurting myself at the gym or playing sports. She is not the normal cookie cutter Chiro. She takes the time to better understand what the problem is, and work on help underlining issues. Her able to dive into multiple facets that are causing one source of pain are so unique from the other chiro’s i have seen in the past. I always end up feeling better walking out of there than walking in.

Ian A. Emeryville, CA

My family have all been clients of Dr. Lisa for many years. She is very knowledgable and experienced in both Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology but also brings a very intuitive element to her practice. She has helped with sports injuries, post-op recovery, aging issues, TMJ, and so much more. She is an essential part of our health care team.

Donna W. Piedmont, CA

Dr. Lisa has been a lifesaver on many different occasions!!! Thank you so much for your time, energy, and treatments!!

Lyn H. Rockridge, Oakland, CA

I love Dr Lisa! she is the best! 🙂

Jay B. Colorado

I’ve been seeing Lisa for years and she has consistently done an excellent job of keeping my body in alignment. I’ve seen her for a shoulder that’s been out of whack and for a lower back issue, and she’s helped both relieve the pain and give me exercises to strengthen the muscle groups. I highly recommend her!

Linda Y.
Castro Valley, CA

I’ve seen Dr. Lisa Koenig consistently over the last 8 years and don’t know what i would do without her. As an arborist tree climber with my own tree company my job is extremely physical and creates the need for regular adjustments. She is incredibly intuitive and able to pin point not only the symptom but finds the cause and corrects the issue(s). If she can keep me out of pain and working everyday she can certainly do the same for you. She has helped with skeletal alignment, causes if allergies, and everything in between. I have sent many of my friends and family to her and recommend her to everyone. She is cure all what ever ails you.

Tree M.
Oakland, CA

Dr. Lisa is thorough, kind, and knowledgeable. You can tell she really cares about her clients and uses many diagnostic tools to ensure you are receiving the best treatments. If you have a chronic ailment, her care is a must to incorporate into your other medical treatments.

Kristen B.
San Leandro, CA

I’ve been working with Dr. Lisa for a couple years now!  She is kind, supportive, intuitive and funny.  It is a bit of a haul to get to her from my home in SF, but I do it regularly because when I leave I feel better.  Sometimes progress is slow, but I can sense little changes each time I get treatment with her and that makes me feel hopeful and supported!  5 Stars for Dr. Lisa

Ashley C.
San Francisco, CA

If you want a chiropractor who listens to you and listens to your body, Lisa is for you. She has “fixed” me many times and does so with care and thought.  She makes sure my whole body is well even when I come in for a specific issue.  I trust her completely and appreciate the extra miles she goes to ensure I am well.

Jo G.
Oakland, CA

Lisa is excellent at treating the whole body and the whole family.  The first time I saw Lisa, I practically crawled into her office.  I had thrown my back out lifting a boat.  She had me walking again within the week and has basically erased that injury from my body’s memory.  Lisa aligns your structural system but also works holistically to balance all your systems using Applied Kinesiology.  Lisa has helped both our children stay aligned and energetic as they grow and navigate physical injuries, low energy and digestive issues.  My husband has also regained the use of his left arm after an injury, through alignments, ligament adjustments and supplements, under her care.  Lisa is a great go-to person for supporting our family’s healing.

Jennifer L.
Corte Madera, CA

Since it takes a village to take care of me … Lisa is the Chief of my village!

Dr. Lisa is one of the most amazing health care professionals I have ever gone too.  For years, I have been seeing her and so has my family.  My daughter has been going to her since she was a baby.  She is more than a chiropractor, she pays attention to nutrition and she specializes in kinetic energy work as well.

In addition, Dr. Lisa is licensed to do chiropractic work on my dogs.  My little Charlie Brown can be such a klutz … and Dr. Lisa is the best help to put his spine back in line.  

Whenever I am in pain, Dr. Lisa is the first person I call for help.  She is so good! My husband, who is in the medical profession, also goes to Dr. Lisa.  He agrees that she is one of the most influential and effective professionals on our health care team.

Thank you Dr. Lisa for being the best at what you do.  You make me feel soooo good!

Lee R.
Oakland, CA

Lisa was recommended by a colleague after I was involved in a car accident that resulted in neck and back injuries.  Lisa’s techniques are gentle and holistic. I had had chiropractics done in the past with techniques that unfortunately were too painful for me and thankfully Lisa’s training allows her to utilize gentler and effective techniques. She also helped me tremendously with the overwhelming insurance paperwork that came with injury claims, and was very helpful in my recovery both in body and mind.  I paid out of pocket because my out of state insurance does not cover medical care in CA but it was worth it to maximize my recovery- we only have one body and this one needs to last me a few more decades. I don’t see Lisa as often as I would like to but luckily she is very understanding and is very kind with fitting me in when I can make it.

Xm V.
Oakland, CA

Lisa has been my and my pups go to person for alignment and support.  I have to say that I have never enjoyed someone who obviously cared for me AND my Golden Retrievers the way she has done.   Sadly we have moved to the east coast and when we experienced trauma with my female golden having cancer (we lost her this week) and my male breaking a leg, she has steadfastly supported me late into the night, sending ideas and now some remedies for my boy.  Caring, competent and collaborative.  Love her.

Valerie P.
Oakland, CA

Lisa has been treating me on and off for 15 years and this review is long overdue!  Anytime I have a problem in my body that isn’t resolving quickly, I go visit Lisa.  Her expert care, intuitive hands, and spot on adjustments have kept me thriving and doing the activities I love most.  I broke my arm in a mountain bike crash a few years ago and she helped unwind a problem I was having with my rotator cuff that was affecting my ability to work and sleep comfortably.  These days, while I still rely on Lisa to help pick me up from whatever disaster I’ve gotten myself into, I can say that regular chiropractic care has made all the difference on a day to day basis.  I’m a better friend, partner, and colleague as a result.  I give Lisa my highest of recommendations.

Stan B.
Oakland, CA

I am so grateful I found Dr. Lisa Koenig! I am currently 9 months pregnant and literally could not walk due to a pinched nerve. She was very comfortable working with the pregnant body and knew exactly how to adjust me. Just after a few visits I was able to go on walks again and feel so much more like myself!

Simone L.
Oakland, CA


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